Health is wealth

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Three pillars of health

Biggest irony is…
People now a days are ready to shead a lot of money for a solution to stay healthy and fit, both mentally and physically. Health and fitness is now a days a multi million dollar business. But the biggest Irony is, we all know the solution. We all know what is required to stay healthy and still seek a solution from others (so called specialists). Trust me there is no shortcut to health. The answer is just there with you.

Three pillars of health-
As we all know , the three pillars of health are
Sleep &

I am really amazed at the kind of junk our body can tolerate without killing us right away. Our body can really take a lot of nonsense and we actually take undue advantage of it. Today statistics say that 75% of our our diet is made up of junk foods.
Our food consists of too much of the following

Too Many Calories
Too many or too few calories create an unhealthy diet. Too much of it makes us obese and overweighted , many people consume too many calories regularly. Overeating leads to a host of health problems, including heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and certain types of cancer. You can reduce your risk of these problems by taking steps to control your calories and maintain a healthy weight. However, if you do not eat enough calories due to engaging in anorexic or bulimic behaviors, your body can suffer as well. Too few calories can result in loss of muscle mass, heart problems and death.

High in Fat
A high-fat diet is associated with an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. Eating certain types of fats, such as saturated fats found in butter, cream and fatty beef, can elevate your blood cholesterol and result in the formation of plaques in your arteries. These plaques can occlude your blood vessels or break off and travel through your body, causing damage to heart or brain tissue. Other unhealthy fats to avoid include the trans fatty acids found in hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats. Trans fatty acids are often used in commercial baked goods and fried foods.

Too Much Sugar
Diets high in sugar can lead to obesity and health problems associated with obesity. Sugar comes in many forms and may be listed as fructose, sucrose, corn syrup and molasses. Sugars provide empty calories that lack nutrition and increase your odds of becoming overweight or obese. The American Heart Association recommends that women limit sugar to 6 tsp. per day, and men avoid eating more than 9 tsp. per day.

C84858CC-F10B-425F-9BB2-39BC4F1211B8-1024x369 Health is wealth
Not only our food is unhealthy, but now a days we eat much more than what actually is needed. We tend to overeat, making us obese and unhealthy. In today’s hectic life we are taking shortcuts every where, like our foods now a days highly processed. We are dependent on fast foods and instant foods which takes less of our time in cooking. We eat just to satisfy our taste buds and to fill our tummy, it seems no one is eating for health.
Now the biggest question is if foods rich in calories, fats and high carbs are so bad for us than why do we crave for such foods so much. The answer is though as a species we have evolved both physically as well as culturally so much that our species is known as homo sapien sapien or super human beings, but some elements of our brain is still connected to our hunting gathering stage. It still does not know that now foods rich in calories and energy is not scarce anymore in fact it is in abundance unlike in past when our ancestors had to really struggle for foods rich in energy and calories.
In my opinion if we eat a balanced diet (which we all are well aware of) will really make a difference and will pave a way for us towards a healthy life.

There is not much to discus under this topic. It is a proven fact that an adult person must have 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day and in a continuous stretch.
But agin due to modern days stress, mental pressure and food habits , we are deprived of our much needed sleep.
Too little sleep may cause:
• Memory problems
• Depression
• A weakening of your immune system, increasing your chance of becoming sick
• Increase in perception of pain.

Exercise is the 3rd important pillar for our health.
Due to our sedentary lifestyle today, to be healthy we must artificially induce some amount of exercise in our daily routine. You will agree with me that most of us specially the boys would have started going to the gym or started exercising at home with lot of josh, at least once in our life time, but failed to continue because that josh faded away. Even you will see lot of people doing morning walks and jogging but hardly a few will continue for years to come.
This problem arises because we try to bite more than what we can chew.
Unlike those who are fitness freaks, or whose profession demands them to be physically fit, we cannot dedicate multiple hours on exercise daily for years to come because we have other priorities. In today’s hectic world we all are busy up to our nose. Exercise is something that you must continue daily, but where we go wrong is we start off very intensively into gyms and exercises but could not continue for long because of our hectic daily routine.

C84858CC-F10B-425F-9BB2-39BC4F1211B8-1024x369 Health is wealth
Integrate exercise in your life

The solution is to do less may be for only half an hour at home but we must continue for long. We must analyse how much and what exercise will I be able to include in my daily routine without overburdening me in the long run. Remember that You don’t need all those fancy equipment’s of the gym for exercise, you can very well do it at your home with simple free hand exercises and a pair of dumbles but,make sure that you adopt a daily exercise routine which you will be able to continue for many years.

So remember for a healthy and fit life you must eat good , sleep well and exercise smartly.


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